Event Details

 28 March 2023

Time: 08h45 - 17h00

Price (excl. VAT):

R5 950 - In-person*
R3 950 - Online only

* The price for in-person includes full online access both before and after the event.

Speakers include:


Roger Baxter,

CEO, Minerals Council South Africa


Suki Cooper,

Executive Director, Precious Metals Research, Standard Chartered Bank New York


Henk de Hoop,

CEO, SFA (Oxford)


Sandra du Toit,

Energy & Natural Resources Leader, EY Africa


Bernhard Fuchs,

Senior Vice President Precious Metals Management, Umicore AG


Gina Handley,

Head of Product & Volume Planning, Volkswagen Group South Africa


Timothy Ingle,

Senior Vice President, Global Precious Metal Services, BASF


Nico Muller,

CEO, Impala Platinum


Phoevos Pouroulis,

CEO, Tharisa plc


Richard Stewart,

Chief Regional Officer: Southern Africa, Sibanye-Stillwater


Wilma Swarts,

Director of PGMs, Metals Focus


Emma Townshend,

Executive: Corporate Affairs, Impala Platinum


Arnold van Graan,

Analyst: Mining, Nedbank


Natascha Viljoen,

CEO, Anglo American Platinum

The 2023 PGMs Industry Day


2023 PGMs Industry Day

For Producers, Investors & Users of PGMs

Tuesday 28 March 2023
Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park 


Resources 4 Africa is pleased to announce the 6th edition of its annual PGMs Industry Day, taking place on 28th March 2023 in Johannesburg. A high-level strategic gathering that brings together the leading global industry players, including mining companies, end users and investors, the PGMs Industry Day will tackle all the critical industry issues in a series of frank and open discussions.

CEOs, industry leaders and key stakeholders will discuss the current opportunities and challenges facing the PGMs sector in South Africa and internationally. Chaired by Bernard Swanepoel, this will be a day of forward-looking discussions that will include:

  • Trends in the sector and strategies of producers
  • Current geo-political and economic realities and impacts
  • Implications and opportunities arising from climate change and COP27
  • The role of PGMs in the energy transition and the road to net zero carbon emissions
  • PGMs and the transformation of the automotive industry - combustion engines vs fuel cell EVs vs battery EVs
  • Supply, demand and future projections: where will new supply come from?
  • Investors and funders of PGMs – the latest views
  • Market development and applications for the future
  • Capital allocation and investment
  • Mines of the future - political, social and environmental considerations
  • Government levers for increasing investment and growth
  • Recycling, recovery and reprocessing
  • Beneficiation opportunities
  • The role of PGMs in the hydrogen economy
  • And more...

The full programme and speakers will be announced in the new year. Keep checking the website for announcements.

Please feel free to keep in touch with us on Twitter, @JoburgIndaba using the following hashtag: #joburgindaba and please also join our LinkedIn Group by clicking on the link.


Bernard Swanepoel 3x2
Chair: Bernard Swanepoel


 We are delighted to welcome back EY-Parthenon as the Lead Sponsor of the 2023 PGMs Industry Day and our numerous mining industry partners and regular sponsors, which include:


Repositioning PGMs for a sustainable green future



Chairman’s Welcome and Introduction

     Bernard Swanepoel

09h00-09h30 Opening keynote address: Reflecting on the progress of the PGMs industry and how to position PGMs for the future 


Session One
Short and long-term outlook for PGMs’ supply and demand
The price outlook for PGMs given current geopolitical and macroeconomic factors
How vulnerable is the industry to market shocks, geopolitical events and logistical disruptions?
Other factors affecting demand for PGMs, e.g. industry cost inflation pressures, EV penetration, etc., will affect future demand for PGMs?
What is the longer-term impact of hydrogen on platinum demand? Examining several scenarios for Pt, Pd and Rh until 2040

10h00– 11h00   

Session Two
CEO conversations on PGMs’ supply, diversification, capital allocation and investment
What are PGMs producers’ expectations for PGMs production in the short term?
What are PGMs producers doing to ensure a constant and sustainable supply of PGMs?
How is the current PGMs basket price influencing investment and capital allocation decisions?
How is the increasing focus on ESG influencing PGM producers’ strategies?
What are PGMs producers doing to decarbonize their operations?
What is the reasoning behind PGMs producers diversifying into other metals?
How important are base metals recovered from PGM mines, e.g. nickel and copper, becoming to PGMs producers’ bottom line?
What beneficiation opportunities are there, if any, for PGMs that producers are considering? 
What are PGMs producers doing to guarantee security of energy supply to their mines?
How do you mine in SA in an energy-scarce economy?

11h00– 11h30      Morning refreshments and networking

11h30– 12h30 CEO conversations (continued)

12h30-13h15 Session Three
The outlook for PGMs

13h15-14h15 Lunch and networking

14h15-15h00 Session Four
The circular economy imperative
Enabling circularity in production: how to increase recycling, recovery and re-use of PGMs
Which producers have PGMs recycling operations? How will recycled PGMs change the landscape of primary supply?
What is the business opportunity for recovering and reprocessing PGMs from mine tailings?
Understanding the technology used to recover PGMs from mine tailings and how it is becoming more efficient and economically viable
How are PGMs mine tailings and recycled PGMs contributing to the acceleration of an environmentally sustainable circular economy?  

15h00-15h45 Session Five
Investors’ views of the PGMs industry
What are investors’ current perspectives on the PGMs industry – what has changed in the last 12 months?
What are investors’ views on PGMs producers’ capital allocation strategies and investing (or not) in future supply?
What emphasis do investors place on PGMs producers’ strategies around ESG, traceable materials throughout the supply chain and decarbonizing their operations?
What do investors think about the potential role of PGMs in the hydrogen economy and the threat posed by BEVs?
What other opportunities do investors see for PGMs in the short, medium and long-term? 

15h45-16h15 Afternoon refreshments and networking

16h15-16h45 Session Six
Outlook for the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)
How is demand for ICEs and catalytic convertors expected to change over the next 5-10 years and how will this influence demand for PGMs?
What are the implications of the Euro7 vehicle emission standards for PGMs demand in Europe?
To what extent is the forecast transition from ICEs to BEVs realistic?
What is the expected role of FCEVs in the automotive industry and what percentage of market share will they take? 

16h45-17h30 Future demand for PGMs
What are the main applications for PGMs, excluding catalytic converters? Are these applications expected to grow or decline over the next 12 months?
Are we over optimistic about the hydrogen economy or is this a real game changer for PGMs? Is this the most prominent opportunity right now?
What other new applications are on the cards in the short to medium term?
What research and development is being done to find other uses for PGMs? 
To what extent is collaboration crucial to find more uses and stimulate demand? 

17h30-17h35       Closing remarks from the Chair 

17h35-18h30 Drinks reception

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The PGMs Industry Day is brought to you by Resources 4 Africa, the organisers of the Joburg Indaba.

“By the industry for the industry”




The organisers reserve the right to amend the programme and timings of the agenda at their discretion.